Who am I?

I’ve been playing games since 1997 and now I’m lucky enough to be playing them infront of a live audience at I am a developer in my off time and often create tools for Mixer users.


I stream a variety of content, mainly gaming focused, six days a week. You can find my schedule over to the right, and my stream times are located below.

Monday – Friday
7pm – 10:00pm CT

2pm – 10:30pm CT

Current Stream Time (CT):

April 26, 2018
  • No Stream

Join Us!

Discord is the heart of our community. It’s where we chat when the stream isn’t active, and it’s also where you’ll get the latest stream news. Feel free to post food pictures, chat about games, or anything else.

You can also find me six days a week at Just check out the schedule section about to join in!