Take a look at what’s coming up on the stream next! This calendar changes constantly and should only be considered a “rough estimate” of what will happen next. It very much depends on the length of the game and time off.

March 2018

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Played Games

These are the games we’ve already played on stream along with my very brief thoughts on each title. If you’re curious of what I thought about something this is a good place to look.

At the end of the year I reward the games we play with a gold, silver, and bronze medal. Those are also listed here if you’re curious.

Quick Review
Choice of RobotsPCVisual Novel3/3/20189Amazing writing.Finished
Open SorceryPCVisual Novel3/3/20189Wow, this is very good.Finished
Into The BreachPCStrategy3/3/20188A great strategy game by the FTL people.Ongoing
Book of DemonsPCRPG2/22/20187A neat little dungeon crawler.A few hours.
Shadow of the CollosusPCAdventure2/22/20188Fun, but sometimes annoying.Finished
GorogoaPCPuzzler2/15/20188Really unique puzzler with a lot of Woaaaah moments. Finished
Monster Hunter WorldPCRPG2/16/20189Great game, but the multiplayer implementation is just weird. Also weapons need more variety.Ongoing
NiohPCRPG2/1/201810Amazing souls-like experience with unique story.Finished
Masquerada: Songs and ShadowsPCRPG1/1/20188Great, but the initial lore dump is big. Takes a bit to get into the world.Finished
Life is Strange: Before The StormPCStorytelling12/28/201710Great story, great plot points. A few open questions and plotlines that never get tied up, but great overall.Finished
A Hat In TimePCPlatformer12/27/201710Fantastic platformer.Finished
Mario OdysseySwitchPlatformer11/6/201710Perfect.Finished
Hellblade: Senua's SacrificePCAction9/23/201710Wow. Fantastic story with some crazy turns. Perfect balance of horror..Finished
OneShotPCAdventure7/9/201710Loved it. This is an excellent game.Finished. (Saved Niko)
Life is StrangePCStorytelling6/1/201710Very good writing. Maybe the best middle of game twist ever.Finished
Night in the WoodsPCStorytelling5/18/201710VERY good storytelling. Loved it. Ending was a bit anti-climaticFinishedGame of the Stream Silver 2017
ParadigmPCAdventure4/12/201710Wow. This is the funniest game I've ever played. Probably in my top 10 all time.FinishedGame of the Stream 2017
Zelda: Breath of the WildPCRPG3/19/201710Amazing.FinishedGame of the Stream Bronze 2017
Mass Effect 2PCRPG2/15/201710Still one of my favorite games of all time.Finished.
Divinity Original Sin 2PCRPG10/1/20179Greatest RPG.Still going... 30+ hours
The Are BillionsPCRTS12/22/20179Really fun basebuilder. Still in early access, but shows a ton of promise.Ongoing. Many hours
CupheadPCPlatformer11/27/20179Although I havent finished, this game is amazing. The love that went into it absolutely shows. Every boss is super unique.10+ hours
PyrePCRPG7/29/20179Probably one of my favorite supergiant games. Great story and characters.Finished
What Remains of Edith FinchPCWalking Sim7/10/20179Very cool storytelling game. Love the different short stories.Finished
Superhot VRVRShooter6/24/20179Maybe my favorite VR game so far. So fun to mess around in.Finished
Watch Dogs 2PCAction4/28/20179MUCH better than Watch Dogs 1. Deals with some great story that applies to real life today. Multiplayer is fun.Finished
Event[0]PCAdventure4/8/20179Really fun and great story. Computer is sometimes goofy, but overall it works great.Finished
The Order: 1886PCShooter4/1/20179Awesome. Gunplay was fun, story was fantastic, graphics are amazing. How did this get such low reviews?!Finished
Horizon: Zero DawnPCAction3/11/20179Beautiful game with a wonderful story and great combat. Only downside is the way that backstory was delivered.Finished
Evoland 2PCRPG2/1/20179I really enjoyed this! Good story with a huge variety of gameplay switches and graphic switches.Finished
StonehearthPCStrategy1/1/20179Played 19 hours of it at once on 24 hour stream.Finished
RuinerPCAction12/12/20178Really liked this one! Great abilities, neat story.Finished
Black Watchmen: Mother RussiaPCPuzzle12/9/20178Good, but not as good as base game.Finished
D4: Dark Dreams Dont DiePCAdventure11/26/20178Great wacky story. But, leaves on a cliffhanger that will never be finished.Finished
Wolfenstein: The New OrderPCShooter11/15/20178Great first person shooter with a good storyline.Finished
Until DawnPCAdventure10/13/20178A great horror game that makes you question everyones choices just like a real horror movie! The "dont move" mechanic kinda sucks. To many possible deaths right at the end too.Finished
PinstripePCPlatformer10/5/20178Good story with some fun dialog. Very short game at 3 hours.Finished
Lost ConstellationPCAdventure9/21/20178A great companion to night in the woods. The righting and feels are perfect..Finished
KingswayPCRPG8/26/20178Super clever little OS simulator.Finished 1 playthrough.
South Park: Stick of TruthPCRPG8/26/20178Great gameplay. Maybe not 100% stream safe!Finished
Thimbleweed ParkPCAdventure8/19/20178Great story, but the help line was definitely needed. Love how it ties everything together at the end.Finished
TacomaPCStorytelling8/1/20178Great storytelling. I sort of felt like the personal computer bits took me out of the story at points. Downloading them causes the timeline to stop temporarily while you read and sort of pulls you out of the narrative.Finished
Dream DaddiesPCDating Sim7/25/20178Way better than I thought it'd be!Finished (Damien)
Player Unknown's BattlegroundsPCShooter7/14/20178Took me a bit to get hooked, but once I figured everything out I fell in love. I normally don't play these types of games much but it has me hooked.Ongoing game.
Star Trek Bridge CrewVRSimulator7/5/20176Really fun. This is artemis in VR.Ongoing game.
Infectious Madness of Dr DekkerPCMystery5/23/20178Great FMV mystery game! The story is crazy and I love it.Finished
Cities: SkylinesPCBuilder3/25/20178Love it, but traffic is dumb as crap.Built a huge city named Jeff.
Gallery: Call of the Starseed Ep1PCAdventure2/19/20178Really shows what VR could be capable of, especially at the end.Finished
Twilight PrincessPCRPG1/14/20178Fun game, but very different from other zelda games. Good story.Finished
OrwellPCStorytelling1/7/20178Fun game with a good plot to it. Finished
Quantum BreakPCAction5/12/20178Cool game. The gameplay is fun but I really like the idea of TV series and games being mixed together.Finished
LA Noire VRPCMystery12/17/20177Fun but with a few weird hiccups. Finished
Nex MachinaPCAction12/15/20177Great, amazing music. VERY short. One hour playtime.Finished
The FrostrunePCAdventure12/9/20177Good story, very good point and click.Finished
Final Fantasy IXPCRPG12/4/20177Great story, but dated gameplay that requires grinding.Finished
Doki Doki Literature ClubPCVisual Novel10/21/20177Very slow build up to a very cool game. You must play 5+ hours of regular anime dating sim before things get awesome.Finished
West of LoathingPcRPG8/12/20177Not a bad game, but I was honestly expecting more jokes and puns.About 10 hours
Prison ArchitectPCBuilding8/6/20177Good game, although it feels rather easy.33 hours
Guild of DungeoneersPCStrategy7/21/20177Really fun card based game. This is a perfect time waster.Ongoing game.
Silence PCAdventure7/19/20177Great game with a wonderful art style. The loading screens were a huge pain since a lot of puzzles were based around two locations.Finished
Ori and the Blind ForestPCPlatformer7/4/20177Super difficult. The game is beautiful, the story is great, the soundtrack is amazing. But I am just so damn bad at platformers.8 hours (44%)
Alan WakePCHorror6/9/20177Not bad. Fun storytelling style. The end doesn't make sense..Finished
La PeriViveStorytelling5/9/20177Very pretty little short story. Really enjoyed it.Finished
InsidePCPlatformer5/7/20177Beautiful game... but I think it might be overhyped.Finished
The Last StationPCAdventure4/29/20177Pretty fun indie title! Unique take on the apocolypse with a neat story.Finished
Late ShiftPCAdventure4/25/20177Really good FMV, high quality. However, needs a way to move through the story quicker to choose different options.Finished
JotunPCAction4/8/20177Good challenging game. Perfect length. Art is nice... but seems off? Sometimes you have to be right next to a boss, sometimes you can hit from really far away.Finished
AragamiPCStealth4/7/20177Pretty fun indie take on stealth. However, the last fourth of the game is full of BS nonsense like snipers with unlimited range and teleporting insta-kill bosses.Finished
Flame and the FloodPCSurvival2/28/20177Wow... I'm not normally a big fan of survival games but I REALLY like this one. Each area you stop at tells its own little story. Music is great.A few hours.
Old FriendPCVR Music Video2/26/20177Holy crap. So much happiness.Finished
Ryse: Son of RomePCAction2/19/20177The story and graphics are what hold this one up. The gameplay is very blah and repetitive.Finished
MaizePCAdventure2/5/20177What? This game has some really funny parts. However there are not enough of them. A good deal of the game involves backtracking and trying to use random things on other random things.Finished
Dragon's DogmaPCRPG9/20/20177A good idea, but it has so many poorly executed mechanics. Finished
STRAFEPCShooter12/20/20176Difficult roguelike that really brings back 90s shooter feelings.Several hours.
KonaPCAdventure10/8/20176Good story, with some fun horror and survival mechanics. Fun little world to explore.Finished
Heat SignaturePCAction9/30/20176A neat little action game, but doesn't seem like a lot of depth. Maybe there is something later on, but not sure it'll keep my attention for that long.A few hours. Ongoing
Subsurface CircularPCStorytelling8/18/20176Neat story, but game softlocked and has a poor save system.Chapter 5
Batman: The Telltale SeriesPCAdventure6/3/20176It's okay. Not their best game and it kinda ran like poop.Finished
Emily is Away TooPCStorytelling5/28/20176Not as good as the first one, but at least we landed the relationship!Finished
DistraintPCHorror5/14/20176Not bad. Neat story that ends pretty sad.Finished
Emily is AwayPCStorytelling5/14/20176Very cool short game. Really brings back the drama from the early 2000's in high school.Finished
BlackwakePCAction4/4/20176Fun arena pirate game. Looks to be in for some hard competition though. Right now it is very repetitive after a few hours.5-6 hours.
Streets of RoguePCAction3/31/20176Clever game that is like monoco, except better.4-5 hours co-op
AbzuPCAdventure2/22/20176Very pretty game with a great soundtrack. But, it's pretty much just a showpiece for those two things.Finished
RimworldPCStrategy1/7/20176A good strategy building game, but very deep and involved. Will take me a lot of time to learn this one I think.A few hours will revisit.
FuriPCAction12/18/20175Neat, but brutal difficulty. Game doesnt control well enough for it.Finished
PhantasmagoriaPCAdventure10/19/20175Funny FMV with some disturbing content.Finished
ConariumPCAdventure10/19/20175Neat atmosphere.Finished
ObserverPCHorror10/5/20175A very slow game whose horror focus is on jump scares. The story itself is very interesting and would have been an amazing game had they skipped the horror part.6 hours
Another Lost PhonePCStorytelling9/30/20175It's okay! Decent story, but I feel like the first one was better.Finished
Remember MePCAction9/9/20175Neat story, terrible everything else.Finished
Job SimulatorVRSimulator6/23/20175Eh. Fun and silly, but it's missing something. Might have worked better if it were my first VR game.Finished
TumbleseedPS4Roguelike5/1/20175Neat art style and interesting concept. But not really all that fun. I'm also really bad at it.A few hours.
Rick and Morty: Virtual RickalityPCAdventure4/21/20175Fun, but feels lacking. No background music, and a majority of the game is just spent in three pre-designated spots. Finished
Glittermitten GrovePCAdventure4/1/20175Mini-games are great. But the overworld and symbol puzzle thing ruins it.So close to finishing.
Guts and GloryPCDriving2/21/20175Not bad.Finished
Gravity BonePCAdventure2/21/20175Better than Thirty Flights of... whatever.Finished
Portal Stories: VRPCPuzzle2/19/20175Cool idea, not really much gameplay. Puzzles are pretty simple. Really it's more of a demo.Finished
Project HighrisePCBuilder2/16/20175Let me make the game go faster! I'm tired of waiting on money.A few hours
Nova-111PCPuzzle1/17/20175A fun little game that is similar to necrodancer without the rhythm aspects.a few hours
Mass Effect: AndromedaPCRPG3/29/20174There are a lot of neat systems and parts, but most of them needed major improvements. Individual character arcs are gone leaving blank slate boring characters. The game is buggy in general. Combat is relatively fun.Finished
Sexy BrutalePCAdventure12/21/20174Neat art, but the gameplay is a tedious mix of confusion and trial and error.Two hours
Birthdays: The BeginningPCStrategy5/10/20174Unique concept with a cool art style. But, can you not look up the requirements for any animal or am I just missing the option? Also... no exit button? This is a console port obviously.4 hours
ToonstruckPCAdventure5/2/20174Soft locked the game and lost about 3 hours of progress. Other than that, pretty solid adventure game.About 60% done.
Thirty Flights of LovingPCAdventure2/21/20173What? Finished
Stage PresencePCSinging2/21/20171Maybe the most broken and least fun game I've played. You literally just say thing into a microphone at random volumes. The karaoke is completely broken and that would have been the only fun part. An hour or so.
Windwaker HDPCAdventure RPG12/29/201610Yes.Finished
VA-11 Hall-APCBartending12/29/20165WutSeveral hours
Surgeon Simulator VRPCVR Experience12/17/20165Surgeon sim! Halfway through ambulance levels.
Vanishing RealmsPCRPG12/17/20168Gives me hope that a really good Zelda-ish rpg could make it to the vive. My only wish is that the sword mechanics were tightened up a bit.Finished
Spacehulk DeathwingPCShooter12/17/20165Disappointing story, buggy, but fun gameplay.Finished
Arizona SunshinePCShooter12/12/20169High score, but it might be due to being the first full VR experience I've had. Many memorable moments of leaning around corners and such to shoot zombies.Finished
Hitman (2016)PCStealth12/9/20167Fun and challenging, but very short if you just play straight through once. Note, I bought the complete edition after all of Season 1 was released.Finished
World of Final FantasyPCRPG12/5/20167Was a solid nine until the 3/4ths mark when you fight the first set of bosses and learn the game was an illusion. Then it happens again... and again... SCREW OFF. Lazy storytelling to needlessly extend gameplay time.95% finished
Zombie Training SimulatorViveWave Shooter12/5/20167A fun wave shooter that makes cardboard zombies scary.2+ hours, ongoing
Space Pirate TrainerViveWave Shooter12/5/20168Enjoying this so far. Impressive looking, runs well, fun game.5+ hours, ongoing
HoloballViveSports12/5/20165Just a basic sports game. Paddles don't always seem to hit when they should.A few hours.
Rec RoomViveSocial12/5/20167Very fun. Super impressed that this is free.2+ hours, ongoing
Lightblade VRViveVR Experience12/5/20164Fun, but unoptimized. Makes me hope for a full star wars game. Ran poorly for me.30min to an hour.
DestinationsViveVR Experience12/5/20165Could see a lot of neat uses for this one. Maybe even a better demo than theBlue.1.5 hours
AudioshieldViveRhythm12/5/20166Great rhythm game that is perfect for VR. However, sometimes throws impossible to hit dots at you.2+ hours, ongoing
Waltz of the WizardViveVR Experience12/5/20165Fun little demo to show off VR. Lots of cool hidden things to find.Finished
theBluViveVR Experience12/5/20164Perfect for showing new non-gamers VR. But, pricy for what you get.Finished
AccountingViveVR Experience12/5/20168I don't know what I saw but I liked it. Want a longer version of this!Finished
The LabViveVariety11/28/20167My first VR experience. Really shows what would be possible should someone invest into a full VR game.2+ hours, ongoing
Small Radios, Big TelevisionsPCPuzzle11/26/20165Neat puzzle game with an interesting storyline.Finished
Planet CoasterPCBuilder11/26/20168Great soundtrack and gameplay, but suffers from some FPS loss in busy parks and frustrating building tools at times.10+ hours, ongoing
Spec Ops: The LinePCShooter11/18/20165Had good reviews, but ultimate its the most barebones straight up shooter I think I've ever played. Praised for it's story, but I didn't find it that compelling.Finished
Ocarina of TimeWII UAdventrue11/15/20168Fun, but has frustrating enemies and mechanics that do not respect the players time. It does however make me excited to play future zelda games.Finished
OutlastPCHorror11/6/20167Pretty scary! RIP Dr. ButtcheeksFinished
Notes of ObsessionPCHorror10/31/20166Good little creepy indie game. The way the monster is handled is a little silly and could have been better.Finished
The Black Watchmen: Season TwoPCPuzzle10/28/20167Fun, but incredibly difficult puzzles. Easily harder than the first season.Finished
DarksidersPCAction RPG10/27/20168Good story, good fighting mechanics, but some piss poor level design and flow issues. Why make me backtrack through the entire game for sword pieces?!Finished
SuperhotPCShooter10/18/20165Neat mechanic, but very short game. Story could be cool if expanded.Finished
TormentumPCAdventure10/14/20168Fantastic art and interesting story. Very well balanced puzzles.Finished
Fran BowPCAdventure10/12/20168Great concepts, unique story, a frustrating middle.Finished
The Black Watchmen: Season OnePCPuzzle10/8/20168Fantastic atmosphere and really unique puzzles.Finished
Dead Space 2PCHorror10/5/20166Fun game until mission 13 where it goes all bonkers and silly.Finished
Tales from the BorderlandsPCAdventure9/27/201610Perfect. Easily the best Telltale game.FinishedGame of the Stream Bronze 2017
Dog Sled SagaPCRPG9/23/20165A fun little indie game weighing in at 78mb. Really fun and worth the purchase for $5 or so.5 hours
Cluster TruckPCPlatformer9/22/20166Super fun and insane platformer. Twitch integration makes it even better.Stuck in hell
The BunkerPCAdventure9/20/20165Pretty great story, but gameplay is absolutely minimal. This is a playable movie that is completely linear.Finished
Halcyon 6PCStrategy9/19/20168Very very good mix of FTL and XCOM.5 hours
Diaries of a Spaceport JanitorPCAdventure9/16/20163Not really sure what I saw... but it has a unique style to it. Just don't think it is stream friendly.3 hours
Human Fall FlatPCPuzzle9/15/20166A fun physics based puzzler. Made me laugh quite a bit due to the weird crap you see while trying to just walk around.Finished
Sonic GenerationsPcPlatformer9/13/20165Some fun 3d parts and 2d is solid, but the boss fights are clumsy. Last boss fight is horrible.Finished
EpistoryPCTyping9/10/20166Unique RPG where you type to kill things. Neat story and amazing art.Finished
MonochromaPCPlatformer9/9/20165Very middle of the road platformer with a neat art style.Finished.
OxenfreePCAdventure9/7/201610Absolute incredible.Finished.
Mother Russia BleedsPCBrawler9/5/20164Good art, but boring gameplay. This game is really meant for local co-op, the bots are dumb as crap. Also ran into a serious bug that caused us to lose about 20 minutes of progress.2 hours
Secret of Tremendous CorporationPCAdventure9/4/20165Neat little story about indie games made in a 48 hour game jam.Finished
Planet of the EyesPCPlatformer9/4/20165Decent limbo-esque platformer about a robot.Finished
The House AbandonPCHorror9/4/20166Really impressed with this text based horror game. Very well done short story.Finished
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedPCRPG8/3/20166Very okay. For some reason it didn't capture me like past Deus Ex games. Halfway through I just started running through instead of sneaking.Finished. Bad ending?
ArkPCSurvival8/29/20167Surprisingly fun. Did not see myself liking this game until I got onto a Bronto. <3About 10 hours or so. Several dinos tamed, base built.
OkhlosPCRoguelike8/18/20166A neat little roguelike unlike any I have seen before. Gets a bit repetitive.About 10 bosses down.
No Man's SkyPCExploration8/16/20165Fantastic exploration game. Buggy PC port keeps it from a 10. UPDATE: Original score was a 9, but as time goes on it gets lower. Repeated use of the same assets, which there are not enough of, makes a proceedurally generated world feel repetitive. 20 or so planets discovered. Ongoing...
HeadlanderPCPuzzle8/10/20167Great game, one of their best. However, dying in a boss fight is a huge pain. The ending is bad.Finished
OPUSPCAdventure8/8/20167Good story! A fun little mindless story driven game.Finished
Don't Push AnythingPCPuzzle8/1/20164Push buttons, things happen.Finished
Hatoful BoyfriendPCDating7/31/20166It's funny. Pudding.Finished.
Quadrilateral CowboyPCPuzzle7/29/20169Very unique experience with a great storytelling style. Absolutely loved the puzzles. Finished
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodPCShooter7/20/20166Nothing special. Meh, story. Meh, shooting. Only one really cool scene near the end of the game. I must be missing something. People were raving about this series.Finished.
Layers of FearPCHorror7/18/20168One of the better horror games I've played. Very unique and cool story. Finished.
Super Win The GamePCPlatformer7/14/20163Platformer focused on nostalgia, but unfortunately gives almost zero clue as to what to do.About 2 hours.
Witcher 3PCRPG7/13/201610Fantastic game. A few missions were very annoying, but that is bound to happen in such a huge game.FinishedGame of the Stream Gold 2017
Tower UnitePCParty7/9/20168Surprisingly fun. This game will get infinitely better with patches. Hopefully the playerbase remains around for it.10+ hours and going.
Pony IslandPCPuzzle7/8/20165Neat logic puzzles, and cool 4th wall stuff. But very short game. SCREW THAT FREAKING HUMMING NOISE Several points taken away because of that. I had to play through the game muted..Finished
Dead By DaylightPCHorror7/1/20164Frustrating and repetitive gameplay. Plus, it's not actually scary.about 2 hours.
In Verbis VitrusPCPuzzle6/25/20165Cool idea, beautiful art. God awful puzzles. Completely needless complications such as poison areas that force you to say the same spell 500 times.50% finished.
Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed EmeraldPCWalking Sim6/23/20167Fun quick 30 minute free game by the Stanley Parable guys.Finished
RoundaboutPCDriving6/23/20169Simply awesome and stupid FMV game. I love it. Small bits of downtime in the middle keep it from being a 10.Finished
A Story About My UnclePCPlatformer6/22/20167Pretty good story, and difficult but not overly dumb platformingFinished
Hard Reset ReduxPCShooter6/21/20164Meh. Hours and hours of the same enemies. No clever gameplay mechanics. Guns don't feel impactful.80% complete.
Mad MaxPCAction RPG6/17/20167Better than I expected, but it gets grindy in spots. I could not take the grinding, and quit early.about 65% complete.
BrigadorPCSHMUP6/14/20164Great music and visual style, but the gameplay itself is meh.4 hours.
Mirror's Edge CatalystPCPlatformer6/13/20165Better combat and parkour mechanics. Terrible story that tosses away everything from first game. Horrible side quests.Finished
Her StoryPCAdventure6/9/20166Good story, but very little in the way of gameplay.Finished
Mirror's EdgePCPlatformer6/3/20167Old game. Very short, but unique gameplay. Still looks great.Finished.
Contradiction Spot the LiarPCMystery6/1/20169Super fun FMV game, though the story often takes weird unrelated turns. The overall gameplay is very fun and I found myself pretty hooked.Finished
OverwatchPCShooter5/29/201610Fantastic.20+ hours and counting
Lovely PlanetPCShooter5/21/20164WutTwo hours
DoomPCShooter5/20/20169Fantastic single player. Meh, multiplayer.Finished
Among the SleepPCHorror5/17/20168Great indie horror game with a very unique take on the experience.Finished
Lords of the FallenPCAction RPG5/16/20163Bah. Heavy dark souls. Good looking and terrible gameplay.a few hours
Battlefleet GothicPCRTS5/14/20165An ok RTS game that translates some board game concepts over fairly well.a few hours
JalopyPCDriving5/14/20167A funny game, but still needs a lot of polish. I will definitely revisit this one in a few months. EDIT: Revisited, but still contains many of the same bugs months later.5 hours, early access
SomaPCHorror5/13/20168Amazing. Absolutely stunning story. Some poor monster encounters drag it down.Finished
Overwatch BetaPCShooter5/9/20169Really good. Really, really good.dozens of hours and going
Not A HeroPCAction4/30/20164Not bad. But, technical difficulties lower the score. No video options? Base resolution that is non-standard?level 17, close to end.
RoninPCPuzzle4/29/20165Neat game similar to Gunpoint, but with less puzzles and more killing.5 hours
Gods Will Be WatchingPCAdventure4/27/20163So much potential to be an awesome point and click, but the save system is god awful. The worst I have seen in any game. You can play a part for 30+ minutes only to fail and lose all of that progress because there are no checkpoints. Combine that with randomized insta death situations and... RAGEfinished. Rage quit on DLC.
Cook, Serve, DeliciousPCCooking Sim4/25/20165A fun little game to co-op with people who don't play games often. 4 hours co-op with Waterbottle
Never AlonePCPlatformer4/23/20166Loved the story and the visuals, but didn't like the gameplay itself all that much.Finished
Dark Souls 3PCRPG4/21/201610An absolutely amazing game. The scenery is beautiful, the gameplay is perfect, the pvp is so much fun.pyromancer all bosses down
Renowned ExplorersPCRougelike4/9/20164A unique rougelike for those who love storytelling. Sort of like "Around the world in 80 days" with some hex based combat. Even with all of that, it doesn't really stand out all that much. 7 runs
Enter the GungeonPCRougelike4/7/20167Mix of nuclear throne and binding of issac. Really great roguelike that I could see myself spending many hours in.2nd boss
The Magic CirclePCWalking Sim4/4/20168I really enjoyed the basic trait mix and matching mechanic in the game. However, the story really stood out for me. This is an extremely unique game that I wish we could see more of in gaming.Finished
Hyper Light DrifterPCAction4/2/20168Fantastic art and combat, but with some annoying exploration mechanics. Loved the combat difficulty. The map is worthless.Finished
Adr1ftPCSpace3/31/20167This is a great first person experience. Not much game, but the overall feeling, movement, and story make this an interesting trip. You can really tell it was meant for VR though.Finished
KingdomPCStrategy3/28/20165Neat little indie strategy/resource management game. Not much depth, but great for $ 26
Slain!PCbeat em up3/26/20164Looks great, but buggy as hell and boring gameplay. Controls terrible. Menu doesn't even work. No quit button. SFX for certain enemies ignore sound settings. This is a game I'll have to come back to after a few months of patches.Got to castle gates.
SplatoonPCShooter3/23/20169Fantastic game. Finished
Super Time Force UltraPCAction 3/20/20167Fun, neat rewind mechanics.Finished
Dark Souls 2PCRPG3/17/20169Older game now, but still excellent. Preparing for DS3.184 deaths, finished game.
Titan SoulsPCRougelike3/10/20167Great little indie game that is a sort of mix of puzzler and shooter. Very unique mechanics and boss fights.several bosses down
Stardew ValleyPCRPG3/7/201610An amazing shoutout to Harvest Moon and other games in the genre. Absolutely love it. A great game to fill that the need for Animal Crossing since they will apparently not release one on the wii u. I hate the bundle system.Ongoing game.Game of the Stream Silver 2016
FTLPCRougelike3/4/20167Older game, but still fantastic.
Devil DaggersPCShooter2/26/20168A small but very addicting little arena shooter that points back to classic doom in so many ways. I'll continually revisit this one.139 second run.
The Solus Project PCSurvival2/23/20166Due to be released in May. This is a very promising game with fantastic weather effects and survival mechanics.Early access finished
DropsyPCAdventure2/21/20168Really fun and interesting game. Neat story. Hugs were given. Have to admit, I needed a walkthrough for several parts.Finished
Alien IsolationPCHorror2/19/20165Fun to play horror games with chat, but holy crap losing so much progress on death is bad bad bad. This save system doesn't make me feel more dread. It makes me feel HATE.6 hours
TransistorPCRPG2/17/20168Another older game, but one of my top ten favorites. Unique battles system and an extremely interesting story.Finished
Warhammer 40k: Space MarinePCShooter2/11/20168Old game, but I love it. I really hope they make a second one. Right up there with the Dawn of War games.Finishedx
FirewatchPCWalking Sim2/10/20169Right after playing I rated this a seven. Gameplay is alright, nothing special. But a week after I'm still thinking about the story, the art, the music, etc... I seriously can't get this game out of my head. I think this is one that grows on you if you appreciate a good story. So, I've adjusted my score. Not many games can do this to me.Finishedx
XCom 2PCStrategy2/9/20168I love Xcom. I'm terrible at it, but I love it so much.One campaign. Will be an ongoing game.x
HacknetPCHacking Sim2/2/20167A game that looks intimidating, but gets really fun as you learn the commands. Story is actually pretty good.Finishedx
The WitnessPCPuzzle1/28/20166A great puzzle game that is extremely difficult for me. The tetris puzzles just don't click, but there are a ton of them. I wish there was more variety in the puzzles, as most everything is based off the same concept. I just feel like maybe I don't have the patience for this type of game, plus it is relatively hard to stream and keep interesting.I can't take anymore tetris puzzles. Stopped after 9 hours.x
Invisible, IncPCStrategy1/26/20167A great indie xcom for the price. I wish the campaign was longer and more involved though. The style is so cool, but there could have been much more done with the game.Easy campaign finished, two runs on medium.x
GalacidePCSHMUP1/24/20164Not my kind of game at all. A weird puzzler/shmup mix.finishedx
ApotheonPCAction RPG1/22/20166Very unique game with great art and a neat fighting system. Fairly short, probably around 5-6 hours or so.Finishedx
Tesla Effect :Tex Murphy PcAdventure1/20/20167Fantastic first half, terrible last half. It's like they suddenly realized they left out boring adventure game parts and added them all in at once while removing all of the humor. First half = one of my favorite games in years... second half = wtfFinishedx
Sublevel ZeroPCSix degree shooter1/18/20166A fantastic looking game, but it is nothing more than a time waster when you have nothing major to play. Not much too it really.Could only get to level 3
XCom Enemy UknownPCStrategy1/15/20168Still a great game that holds up well. Great mix of strategy and rpg-ish elementsongoingx
Heavy BulletsPCShooter1/12/20163Not much to it and not really fast paced enough to keep my attention.ongoingx
Rebel GalaxyPCSci-Fi RPG1/12/20166Great combat, great soundtrack, great gameplay. But why oh why did you make me grind for credits for so long between story missions. I haaaate grinding.dropped in second systemx
Galak-ZPCRoguelike shmup1/7/20167This game really grew on me. The action is fast paced and fun, but very skill based. I could not beat the final boss of season 3 after 30+ attempts. Still, even with that frustration I love the style of this game. The pause screen is A++++. Very cool game for hardcore players.Stuck at boss in season 3.x
Lego Star WarsPCLego1/5/20165Another lego game!Dropped at end of movie 4.x
Lovers in a Dangerous SpacetimePCCo-op Space Shooter1/2/20167A great game, but the last boss is impossible without a human co-op partner. I played solo and had to turn it to casual for that final boss. I bet this would be a 9 with a good co-op buddy.finished - solo x
Shadow ComplexPCSide Scroller Shooter1/1/20165A neat 2d/3d sidescrolling mechanic. Story is horrible. It is disheartening to see a waypoint on the other side of the map. Trying to navigate can be difficult and enemies respawn.finishedx
UndertalePCRPG12/31/20159A fantastic game with a few hiccups. There can be a crazy amount of time wasted walking and there are parts in the game where you can potentially get stuck due to skill difficulty. The best writing I've seen in a game in a long time. I'm in love.finished - pacifist runGame of the Stream Gold 2015x
Lethal LeaguePCFighter?12/30/20157A unique fighter that is great to sit down and play for short bursts. Co-op is fantastic and involves a lot of screaming as the ball goes into light speed. One of my favorite fighters.ongoingGame of the Stream Bronze 2015x
Binary DomainPCShooter12/29/20158The robots just crumble and it feels glorious. The story is pretty great. The voice recognition is god awful. Bosses get reused more than I'd like. I have a feeling the game could have been a 9 easily without the issues there.FinishedGame of the Stream Silver 2015x
Fallout 4PCRPG12/25/20156Another fallout. While base building and weapon mods are neat, the game is too similar to past fallout games. Considering the amount of time between games, we need more innovation. Junk Jet is horrible. Do not try a junk jet only run.Finished - institutex
BattlefrontPCMultiplayer Shooter12/20/20154Looks fantastic, but is disappointing in many ways. Being a hero is rare in the main game modes, matchmaking is messed up, bugs bugs bugs. I often lost textures on my character's hair and my sound would cut out randomly. Both of these were issues I found large forum posts about but have not been fixed a month after release.ongoingx
DownwellPCPlatformer12/19/20156This is a neat little indie game where you fall down a well and try not to die. You get gunboots and those are cool. However, there isn't all that much to the game and didn't keep my attention for too long. I'll revisit it every now and then just to waste some time.ongoingx