The Firebots

The Firebots are those who follow and support the channel through all kinds of means. Everyone that subs, donates, follows, or just participates in chat regularly is considered a Firebot. These people are the heart and soul of the stream and they’re the ones that keep everything going.

Firebot Links

Coin Shop


Coins are the chat currency of the stream. Every 15 minutes you earn a few extra coins for the following reasons:

  • In chat when stream is online – 5 coins
  • Active chatter – 5 coins
  • Subscriber – 5 coins.
  • Interactive Buttons – variable

Sometimes there are special circumstances which will grant even more coins on top of this! For example, maybe submitting artwork or enter a loots. These circumstances often change depending on what is going on, so watch out for these opportunities.

Altogether this means that if you’re an active chatter and a subscribe you’ll earn 15 coins per 15 minutes as a base, with more coming in from other sources.


I very much believe in helping others when you can. So, the Firebottle channel donates 30% of all money coming in from subscribers to charities. See the chart below for some information on which charities I current donate to.

NRDC – The Natural Resource Defense Council fights to keep America in check and make sure that it isn’t destroying the environment. Global Warming is a huge problem, but so is poisoning drinking water, fracking, and many other things that would go unchecked if left in corporate hands.

Extra Life – Extra Life is a fundraising event for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I’ve actively supported Extra Life since the moment I learned about it and firmly believe in the cause. I’m doing what I love and I want to give others the chance to do the same.

EFF – The Electronic Frontier Foundation fights to protect our freedoms on the internet. They fight to help keep the internet neutral and equal for all people. The internet is one of the primary source of knowledge for humanity. It is absolutely a right for all people. Without a neutral internet humanity as a whole is much worse off. We lose access to information and news that should be readily available to anyone at all times.

Charity Stats

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