Mixer Credits

Mixer Credits is a super simple overlay for OBS or Xsplit that will collect your subs, resubs, follows, and hosts during the course of your stream. After the stream you can run a chat command, “!rollcredits” to roll movie-like credits. Your community members will get a job title!

Click here to see it in action.

To Use:

1. Copy the URL below and paste into notepad.
2. Edit the bold parts to match your own channel.
3. Load the url into your obs or xsplit software. (Make sure it stays in memory if that option is there.)
4. Type !rollcredits while logged in as the streamer to start the credits.



Movie = The first line that will be shown when it starts scrolling.
Username = The mixer username of the channel it should watch.
Color = The text color. The overlay is transparent, so put any background behind it that you want.


1. This is just a quick prototype. I can’t really provide much support for it.
2. If the overlay is ever lost from memory it’ll lose all actions that happened up to that point. So, you’ll probably want to add it to all scenes.
3. Only the streamer can do “!rollcredits”.
4. Jobs are prioritized. So, it’ll fill all job titles in the following order. Re-subs, Subs, Follows, Hosts.
5. After credits are rolled all saved usernames are cleared.
6. You can roll credits without having collected any usernames. This lets you test to make sure everything is hooked up fine on your channel.

This is mainly a proof of concept type of deal. I’m hoping another dev out there will work this into their own systems.